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How Does Dr. Wei’s Vitality Formula Work?


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is more popular these days.  People come to my clinic for all sorts of chronic health issues; among them, general fatigue and exhaustion.  This can happen in a younger population, but most sufferers are those who are over 40, both men and women.  When this sudden energy drop happens, they can only dream of the good old days when they could party all night and go to work the next day.

Typically, a man will come in complaining of burnout, low energy or no energy, depression with fear and anxiety, insomnia, zero sex drive.  Quite often, they have trouble achieving or maintaining erections.  A peri-menopausal woman however might complain about lack of energy and she has a set of other very unpleasant symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, libido loss and no climax.  Quite often, she will also suffer from chronic pain, muscle spasms, and stiff joints.

Both men and women can have pale dull complexion.  Their extremities can be freezing cold because of low energy and poor circulation, despite possible occasional heat waves due to anxiety and hormonal imbalances.  They can also have fatty tongues with tooth marks around or slim deep red tongues, with a thick coating above, if the digestive system is affected.  Their pulses can be weak, slow or fast, or wiry depending on the timing and stage of the condition.  A qualified TCM Practitioner can obtain a lot of diagnostic information from examining a patient’s tongue and pulse.

In TCM, the above symptoms and signs are clearly in the realm of Qi (energy) deficiency with Qi stagnancy.  When men and women are going through their life changing stages namely Andropause and Menopause; both their Yin Energy and Yang Energy decrease drastically.  They are running low in all three treasures of life:  Jing (essence), Qi (energy) and Shen (spirits).  Many cases of adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia and depression could be categorized in this deep qi deficiency syndrome too.   But life doesn’t have to be this way!  One great step is supplementing our diet with life nourishing TCM herbs.

Chinese Herbology has a very long and rich history.  Early people found medicinal plants in the long process of searching for foods.  In pursuing immortality, Taoists discovered various energy enhancing and life extending herbs.  These are called Magic Herbs in Taoist tradition and Tonic Medicines in TCM.  Following these ancient recipes and incorporating my 40 years of experience in studying and practising TCM, I formulated a Vitality Herbal Decoction for my energy depleted clients and have had excellent results.  Since these herbs are beneficial and safe for long term use, I adapted them to our Labeedoh Herbal Infused Food Products hoping to benefit a larger number of people.  Foods are Medicines and vice versa.   Many healing herbal medicines are super foods.

The main action of Dr. Wei’s Vitality Formula is to profoundly nourish the Yin essence (Yin Jing) and Yang energy (Yang Qi) in our kidneys and the deep energizer (energy centre in the pelvic area).  According to Taoism and TCM, our vitality is governed by our Original Life Essence (先天之精) and Primordial Energy (先天之气).  These are universal energies.  We inherited them through our parents and they are stored mostly in our kidneys, the pelvic region, the bone marrow and the brain.  “We are what we are” is entirely due to the expression of these primordial essence and energies.  In other words…they are our fundamental source of vitality and creative energy, a sort of pilot fire of our lives, which will light us up when needed.  We should never overly consume them directly, rather replenish them with our own cultivated energy through everyday physiological activities, eating nutritious food, sleeping well, managing stress and doing physical activities in moderation.  If we can keep our pre-birth essence and energy intact, we will maintain our vigour for a long time.  This is exactly how our vitality formula works: nourishing the life essence and strengthening the primordial energy.

This elixir consists of 14 safe and effective tonic herbs, all of which have stood the test of time and contemporary laboratories.  The core part of this formula comes from an ancient prescription from China’s greatest Physician Zhang Zhongjing (150-219), namely the famous Kidney Qi (energy) Mix.  I tailored and enriched the original formula to help people of our own times as we have a very different lifestyle and we are living in a very different environment from those who lived 1800 years ago. 

In Dr. Wei’s Vitality Formula, we have Rehmannia Root, Cornus Fruit, Poria Mushroom, Bark of Tree Peony Root, Chinese Yam, Tribulus Fruit, Horny Goat Weed, Chinese Cinnamon, Dried Ginger Root, Chinese Salvia Root, Chuanxiong Root, Morinda Root, Codonopsis Root and Dried Tangerine Peel.  The beauty of Chinese herbology is that we seldomly use only one or two ingredients.  Rather we formulate with ten or more to create a greater synergy.  As we are complex beings, the formula to help us must be complex as well.  To write an effective TCM herbal prescription requires many years of learning and practising.

In TCM, activities such as working, playing, exercising, thinking and making love are all typical Yang functions.  But Yang cannot grow without the Yin as a resource.  This is like if we want our vehicles to run well with power, we must have the machines well maintained with fuel and other fluids in good condition.  The first group of herbs is a Yin Tonic Formula by itself that has been handed down for 2000 years.  These famous ingredients are: Rehmannia, Cornus, Poria, Peony Root, Yam and Chuanxiong.  On the other side, Yin without Yang’s initiation remains only energy potential.  This is like the car’s battery is dead so you cannot have it started.  Therefore, we have a group of Yang bursting herbs that not only supply instant energy to the body, but also make Yin dance into activities.  In this category, we have Condonopsis (Ancient Ginseng), Cinnamon and Ginger for overall Yang restoration.  Building up on this solid foundation, we have three powerful herbs that burst our sex drive and enhance our loving-making performance.  These are the Tribulus Fruit, Horny Goat Weed and Morinda Root, pure Yang herbs.  In physiology, they rejuvenate, balance and regulate our endocrine system and increase our lusty sex hormones.  Ready, set, we need two more herbs to go, Chinese Salvia Root for micro blood circulation and Tangerine Peel for energy flow, which take all our tonics to every cell of our body.

If vitality and longevity are among the goals of our lives, we must practice the art of nourishing life before we are reaching 40, as life’s comfortable plateau turns downhill.  This downward spiral that drains our energy and vigour accelerates, and it becomes very noticeable when we are around 50 because our prenatal essence and original energy are running low.  Can these be restored? Yes, to a great extent, they can be replenished.  Taking our Labeedoh Vitality Formula is an important part of the answer.

Since this formula has very balanced energies and has no toxicity, it is suitable for long term use.  Take this formula regularly, plus eat well, sleep enough, do what you enjoy with great enthusiasm, exercise regularly, relax your mind and body and you will thrive through your whole life.  If you find it difficult to understand these ancient Chinese reasonings, here is why this formula is good for you in today’s biological sciences.  First of all, ingredients in this formula are anti-inflammatory.  Some experts say that 90% of human diseases are chronic inflammation in origin.  These ingredients have antioxidant properties that restore our tissues damaged by oxidation and radiation.  These ingredients boost our mitochondria functioning, so our cells generate more energy.  These ingredients have adaptogens that help to remove harmful factors and help our cells to survive even in unfavorable environment.  These ingredients protect our telomeres that promote cellular longevity.  Finally, these ingredients help to balance our neurotransmitters and hormones that maintain our homeostasis and physiological functions.  More specifically, they help us, men and women, to maintain muscle tone and bone mass, and to have fulfilling sex life well into our 80s!

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Yes, life is about enjoying upbeat vibrant endless energy and life has only some 30,000 days.

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