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You can take these herbs daily or skip a day or two and still benefit from the tremendous vitality you gain.  You can have two servings in one day and gain other benefits like a great physical work out.  These herbs have so many benefits that it is hard to pin point just one area.  Energy is one benefit that we all seem to gain from it and in this busy life style we all lead it really helps.

The Herbal Wei



My husband and I now connect intimately WITHOUT the use of big pharma!  Now I start my day with Dr. Wei. 

Roberta, Founder (56 years old)

We immediately noticed some improvements in energy and attitude. After a few days of eating these treats, my wife and I found that we were more energized and active. I would recommend these to anyone that could enjoy a little "boost"

J & B

I haven't had an energy drink in 3 days. 

Paul (45 years old)

This all-natural product has replaced prescribed meds for depression and arthritic pain not to mention a couple other ailments.

Since taking a tiny bit of this “Vitality” daily it has not only replaced these meds but has improved my quality of life. I feel alive again! Gave me liveliness, energy, spirit, bounce, pep, spark, push and drive.

“Vitality” gave me my life back as I was told it would do. I would have never believed it till I used it for a month daily then stopped for a week and definitely noticed the difference. A little bit of “Vitality” and a “Wei” I go!

Viki (46)

OK  the energy pieces caught up with me after 3 days and I am back to feeling like my old self.  Been busy doing cupboards, cooking, and cleaning.  I want more. 

June (86 years old)

So I have to say the herbs really work!  In the bedroom – wow!  Everything was much more intense, enjoyable, mind blowing. I could not believe it! I still can’t believe it.

Annette (55 years old)